The Universal Pre-engineered buildings -“offering variety of architectural options to ensure customer satisfaction”
-An effort by SML

The Universal Pre-engineered buildings 1

The Architects and engineers provide essential services to the PEB construction industry in order to meet customer needs.

PEBs fulfill the demand of the present time i.e. necessity of energy-efficient buildings as they provide custom-built features and unique architectural design.
This is the quality which makes PEBs versatile.

The Architectural firm specializes in PEBs & uses new techniques in construction method which opens up new design routes inorder to provide more architectural options.

PEBs succeeded in achieving fame in the US as well as across the globe.

PEBS are quality structures that are adjustable and cost saving as they incorporate the use of standard seem roof.

PEBs incorporate the use of Metal sheeting, steel plates, roof and wall insulated metal panels. An architect or customer can choose from several wall panels adding flexibility in design.

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