– “Emerging as the strongest construction material.”

-An effort by SML

Any person who wishes to construct his dream project has a major concern about the strength and durability of the structure, as it is a lifetime decision. Here, is the evidence which proves that the structural steel used in the construction of a Pre-engineered Building (PEB) is the strongest and most durable.

Between structural steel vs reinforced concrete, structural steel offers higher strength, fire resistance, and excellent recyclability.

Structural steel provides better compression and tension properties.

Structural steel shapes, sizes, chemical composition, mechanical properties such as strengths, storage practices, etc., are regulated by standards in most industrialized countries.

Structural steel (also known as Carbon steel) used in the construction of a Pre-engineered Building is extremely powerful. The carbon component is the ingredient that makes the steel stronger.

Structural steel is a category of steel used for making construction materials in a variety of shapes:-

1. I beams- have high second moments of area, which means they are very stiff in respect to their cross-sectional area and thus can support a high load without excessive sagging.

2. Columns-A steel column is a vertical structure member used in construction to provide essential support. They may carry loads in compression or they may transfer loads from things like beams, ceilings, floor slabs or roof slabs to floors or foundations.

3. Steel plates- A Steel Plate is commonly used to strengthen foundations and uphold mass units of weight like bridges.

4. Channels- also known as Parallel Flange Channel (PFC), is a type of beam, used primarily in building construction.

5. Steel Angles – the most basic type of roll-formed steel. Angle Steel is ‘L’ shaped.The larger the steel angle, the more weight and stress it can bear.

Thus, to conclude we can say that, a pre-engineered steel building which is made of structural steel components connected to each other, carry loads and provide rigidity. Because of the high strength of steel, these structures are reliable and require less raw material than some other types of structure such as concrete.

Galvalume coating is most commonly applied to carbon steel. It is method to prevent corrosion as protecting steel from oxidation is a must for many projects.

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