Metal roofing – “Making the challenges of life easy”
-An effort by SML

PEB construction companies are doing a great job by delivering quality metal roofing solutions. Metal roofing is the perfect and easiest to install roofing system.


Metal roofing is ideal for car parking shed. It has solved the problem of parking to a great extent.


Metal roofing system is utilised in dairy farm as the shelter for cows and storage of their fodder.


In rural areas, metal roofing systems are mostly used as roofing shades for schools. Earlier, the school children had to study in an open ground or under a tree.

The children were compelled to bear the harsh effects of hot summers, rainy season and chilling winters . This was the reason why most of the students were becoming severly ill and could not attend the school. Now, due to metal roofing shades this problem has completely solved. As now, almost all the educational institutions & Anganwadis in the villages use Metal/Tin shades as roofing system.


For farmers also, metal roofing system has become essential as it provides shelters for domestic animals and godown shed for storage of agricultural produce.


Metal roofing is also the best roofing solution for poultry farms.


Today, Metal roofing system has proved that it is perfect for workshop and garage shed.


Metal roofing is the best option available for providing roofing solutions for all the manufacturing plants.


This way, metal roofing system is playing a significant role in providing solutions to the problems, Thus helping us to face the struggles of daily life.

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