Pre-engineered Buildings – “best suited for commercial construction projects”

-An effort by SML

Pre-engineered Buildings

As compared to the Conventional construction method, PEBs are more efficient due to the integral framing system.
Also, PEB construction is more cost-effective and time-saving. With materials and designs pre-chosen, erection of a structure can be much quicker and more efficient than a conventional building.

That is why PEBs are preferred for the construction of commercial buildings. Mainly it includes:-

1.Commercial Offices.
2. Commercial shopping centres, retail stores, shops.
3. Industrial – warehouses, factories, workshops, automobile repair shops.
4. Leisure – hotels, pubs, motels, restaurants, cafes, sport facilities, etc.
5. Entertainment and Media (e.g., motion picture studios, broadcast media).
6. Gaming (e.g., casinos).
7. Banquet Halls – marriage halls, conference centers, RV parks and campgrounds).
8. Outdoor Events (e.g., theme and amusement parks, fairs, parades, exhibitions, parks, marathons).

Among the numerous applications of the pre-engineered building (PEB) are: Factories and Industrial Buildings. Small Manufacturing Units. Warehouses and Storage Units.

PEBs are ideal for indoor stadiums, tennis courts, gymnasiums and closed structures of swimming pools as well. The durability and ease of construction of Pre-Engineered Buildings made them the best choice for the construction of most commercial structures over the years.

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