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The Benefits of modular construction over traditional construction

*Modular Buildings are manufactured in factory, so there’s no delay in project completion due to adverse whether condition or other onsite issues.

*In a Modular construction, the different parts of the building are built at the same time – this reduces the time taken to complete a project

*Modular construction is more cost-effective than traditional construction, as it is best suited for remote locations where onsite building could prove difficult or expensive.

*Modular construction incorporate the use of Structural Insulated Panels which are durable and provide improved thermal insulation as well as damp and cold resistance when compared to materials used in traditional construction.

*Modular buildings are constructed in factory, so this removes the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped inside the construction, improving the quality of the product

*In a Modular construction, the units need to meet regulations for travel and assembly, so the final product is more durable than a traditional construction that didn’t have to be assessed part by part

*Modular constructions have been shown to offer time savings of more than 50% when compared to traditional builds. Manufacture of the modular units can begin before onsite preparations, such as foundations, are complete, speeding up the whole build process.

Modular construction is used for a wider range of projects, ranging from offices and hospitality builds to residential properties, and more.

The modern wave of modular buildings are proving that they are much advanced and superior in quality as compared to traditional buildings.

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