Shot Blasting Process

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is an overhead recycling process used to remove debris and dirt from concrete, metal, and other industrial surfaces of steel applications using shot blasting equipment and adding texture to enhance paint adhesion… The shooting process uses a centrifugal wheel to remove a layer of deposits and impurities from the surface of metal and steel products, While shot blasting is used to clean surfaces, it’s also used to prepare them. Shot blasting a floor or alternative surface before painting it or coating it is an effective and efficient way to literally smooth out those processes.

Why Shot Blasting is Used?

Shot blasting techniques are used in almost every industry they use
such as iron, steel, cast-iron parts, forgings, rusted pipes, iron bars, engine, automotive parts
metal, including aerospace & Aircraft Maintenance, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding & ShipYard, rail, Steel Fabrication, Forgings and many more. controlled blasting techniques Adding texture to improve paint adhesion & Coatings. The shot Blasting Process appropriately reduces maintenance costs by increasing coating life.

Types of Blasting Methods/Blasting Techniques

Shot blasting is a method used to clean, peen, or polish metal. The different types of Shot blasting techniques are:-

  • Wheel blasting
  • Air blasting
  • Wet blasting
  • Vacuum Blasting
  • Centrifugal Blasting
  • Soda blasting
  • Steel Grit blasting
  • Bristle blasting
  • Dry-ice blasting

Shot Blasting Equipment/Machine

A shot blasting machine is designed for abrasive blasting for cleaning and preparing metal, stone, and other surfaces. Shot blasting machine uses blast media on the metal parts in an enclosed chamber to remove surface rust, welding slag, and descaling, making it uniform, shiny, and improving the coating quality of anti-rust chemicals and has a bare wheel that continuously rotates at a very high speed. Shot blasting machines also have a dust collection system.
There are various types of shot blasting equipment/machines such as:

  • Tumble Blast shot blasting machine (vibratory belt motion)
  • Table Type
  • Hanger Type
  • Stone Shot Blasting
  • RBM (Rotary Barrel Type)

Saxena Marine Tech. Pvt. Ltd has extensive experience in the design, development, and implementation of various PEB structures. We are a team of top designers for steel building, architecture, and construction engineers. We use Shot blasting techniques in our peb company to improve the adhesion of Paint & Coatings in our products. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the shot blasting process.

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