cow shed

This is a place for cows to rest and sleep at night. Each cow has their own place in the resting area, called a cubicle. The cubicles must be covered with a roof made of iron sheets, grass thatch, or makuti.

The roof must be high enough to not be eaten by a cow if it is made of grass or if hay is stored under it. The cubicle should be constructed so that the cow remains clean. Clean the cow shed every day.

Rough concrete will prevent the cow from slipping. A sloping floor will help waste to drain away Collect it outside the shed. Clean and disinfect the floor every day. This stops foot rot and abscesses.

The cow needs a place to sleep. One has to build enough cubicles to keep animals afloat for a long time. Unoccupied cubicles waste space and money.

Buildings should be set up so that direct sunlight can reach the platforms, gutters, and manger in the barn. As far as possible, the long axis of milk reserves should be placed on the north-south side for maximum solar gain. Easy access to buildings is always desirable.

During the second term of the Shri Yogi Government in the U.P., much emphasis is carried on the production and health care of animals, especially cows. SML has developed the most economical and technically feasible solution for cow sheds in India and has installed more than 20 cow sheds till today with the best quality and in-time delivery.

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