Advantages of pre engineered building systems 1

Sml is the pioneer of pre engineered building systems in India.

There are many advantages of pre engineered building systems, instead all advantages lead to reduced construction time.

The different advantages are as follows,

·         Reduced Construction Time

Due to the systems approach, the use of high strength steel, use of tapered built-up sections which are optimized by the computerized design program and the use of continuous light gage secondary steel section, there is an overall reduction in steel weight, cost and time relative to conventional steel construction. Pre-engineered buildings are a predetermined inventory of raw materials that has proven over time to satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic requirements. The components are engineered beforehand and standardized. Use of these standard components reduces the engineering, production and erection time.

·         Eco-friendly and profitable

PEB manufacturers in India vouch for the fact that PEB structures are eco-friendly as they are made of high-end stainless steel and hence they are recyclable upto 90 percent which helps reduce carbon footprint by a significant margin. They are not just eco-friendly, but profitable in the long run. Top PEB manufacturers in Delhi NCR such as SML PEB use energy efficient ways to produce these structures which helps reduce greenhouse gas emission by a significant margin. These buildings are completely pollution free and do not produce any solid waste like concrete structures. 

·         Flexibility of Expansion

Buildings can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays. Also, expansion in width and height is possible by pre-designing for future expansion.

·         Customization capabilities 

Regardless of how demanding your needs are, you can get exactly what you are looking for. PEB companies in India offer completely customized prefabricated structures which are completely in sync with your short and long term needs. You must know that these days all railway and metro stations use PEB structures made of stainless steel. These structures are customized according to specific needs and that’s why they have an edge over traditional structures. 

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