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Industrial Visit by Students of “APEEJAY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE” by Top 10 PEB Manufacturers 2021-2022″SAXENA MARINE TECH (P) LTD.”

Why Industrial Visit Is Important, An industrial visit for learning purposes is conducted at Saxena Marine-Tech Pvt. Ltd. (PEB Manufacturers/PEB Company) top 10 Peb Manufacturers 2021, on 30 November 2021 for the third year Architecture students’ “APEEJAY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE” and Planning to assist students as part of their Building Construction syllabus. Industrial visits serve as an excellent learning platform for students. pursuing higher education and helping to bridge the gap between just learning in the classroom and real work situations. The benefits of these programs are as follows.

Learning Objectives: why industrial visits is important for students

  1. To understand the steel manufacturing process along with quality checks/inspection.
  2. To understand Mild Steel, steel as a building material and its application/functionality.
  3. To comprehend the designing of various sections via physical modeling machines and
  4. To understand metal joints- welding, structural welding, the process of welding.
  5. To check the priming, painting of the finished product.
  6. Surface treatments.
  7. To study beam to beam, beam to foundation joint, etc.
  8. To practically visualize the steel usage in PEB, steel, and composite structures.
  9. The techniques involved for steel joinery including transport of such sections to the
    site also need to be understood by the students.

During industry visits, students get to learn how professionals work in the workplace and apply certain industry-specific concepts such as measurement, quality analysis, timely production, etc. The above training objectives were met. Students are introduced to using Mild Steel, its application in the construction industry in general and PEB in particular, welding of joints and priming/ painting, etc. The students were then shown drawings of the various PEB structures which Team SML has fabricated. Subsequently, they went around the factory where they interacted with the production teams, technicians and workers.

The students showed tremendous zeal and enthusiasm for learning to design, visualize objects, and fabricate material. Thereafter the students were guided to an erection site in close vicinity where Team SML is in the process of fabrication of three PEB sheds.

Overall it was a very good experience for the students which will keep them in good stead for years to come. They get a chance to learn out of the four walls of the classroom and have a free conversation with the faculty members and the industry experts. This helps prepare them for their future and serves as a platform for students to develop their interpersonal skills.

Saxena Marine-Tech Pvt. Ltd. (PEB Manufacturers / PEB Company) has always been ready to help our community better and with this special thanks to APEEJAY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE to be a part of this.

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