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List of Recent Project

S. No. Type of Building Location Client Area (Sq. Mtr)
1 Factory Shed Gujarat BHARTI WALMART 3448.7
2 Factory Shed Kurnul BHARTI WALMART 3307
3 Factory Shed Jabalpur BHARTI WALMART 4200
4 Factory Shed Raipur M/S GODAWARI POWER 6000
5 Factory Shed Raipur M/S GODAWARI POWER 3055
6 Factory Shed Barjora M/S. NILKAMAL LIMITED 5500
7 Factory Shed Kalham M/S. PIDILITE INDUSTRIES 2300
8 Factory Shed Noida M/S. U-FLEX INDUSTIES  LTD 6800
9 Factory Shed Aligarh M/S. U-FLEX LTD 5800
10 Factory Shed Bhopal M/S. GEI POWER LTD. 6200
11 Factory Shed Ghaziabad M/S. SHRIRAM PISTONS & RINGS LTD. 3300
12 Factory Shed Greater Noida M/S. INDO SOLAR PVT LTD 5700
13 Factory Shed Manesar M/S. SPEEDOMAX (UNIT OF OMAXE AUTO LTD.) 10500
14 Factory Shed Greater Noida M/S. STARION PVT. LTD. 6000
15 Factory Shed Bhiwadi M/S. OMAX AUTO LTD. 3000
16 Factory Shed Haridwar M/S. LLOYD ELECTRICAL LIMITED 6500
17 Hanger Building Katmandu (Nepal) M/S. BUDDHA AIR PVT  LTD 4500
18 Factory Shed Haridwar M/S. CICO INDUSTRIES LTD 7400
19 Factory Building Jaipur M/S.ERECSION INDIA LTD. 4200
20 Factory Shed Udampur M/S. UNITOP CHEMICALS LTD. 15500
21 Factory Building Haridwar M/S. ALPS AND NEEL METAL 27000
22 Factory Shed Raipur M/S. NIMBAS BEVEREGES PVT. LTD. 4500
23 Factory Shed Varanasi M/S. NIMBAS BEVEREGES PVT. LTD. 5500
24 Factory Shed Lucknow M/S. NIMBAS BEVEREGES PVT. LTD. 2500
25 Factory Shed Pune M/S. NIMBAS BEVEREGES PVT. LTD. 3200
26 Factory Shed Orissa PUNJ LLOYD 20000
27 Factory Shed Kalamb PIDILITE LTD 4000
28 Factory Shed Mumbai PIDILITE LTD 4800
29 Factory Shed Rajpura M/S. N V DISTILLERY 16200
30 Factory Shed Ludhiana M/S. LAXMI OVERSEAS LTD. 32000
31 Factory Shed Haridwar M/S. PUJA FASTNERS LTD 5200
32 Factory Shed Bombay M/S. OIL AND TOOL LTD 8000
33 Factory Shed Lahore-Pakistan M/S.YAKOOF & COMPANY 20000
34 Factory Shed Pant Nagar M/S. NIRMIT AUTO LTD 2750
35 Factory Shed Pant Nagar M/S. ALLEN BERRY LTD 14400
36 Factory Shed Pant Nagar M/S. JAI HIND AUTO LTD 3800
37 Factory Shed Pant Nagar M/S. DALI & SAMIR AUTO 5500
38 Factory Shed Pant Nagar M/S. BHWANI AUTO LTD 6500
39 Factory Shed Noida M/S. RMG AUTO LTD 2400
40 Factory Shed Noida M/S. NIDHI AUTO - 3200
41 Factory Shed Baroda M/S. SPECIAL TOOLS LTD 4500
42 Factory Shed Baddi M/S. ASIAN CONTECTS LTD 5100
43 Factory Shed Noida M/S. ESS  INDUSTRIES  LTD 6500
44 Factory Shed Faridabad M/S. SHIVALIK GLOBAL LTD. 6200
 45 Factory Shed Bawal M/S. TENNECO R C INDIA (P) LTD. 6500
46 Factory Shed Sonipat M/S. CONTITECH TECHNOLOGY (P) LTD 2800
47 Factory Shed Ghaziabad M/S. GRG PVT. LTD. 3600
48 Factory Shed Bawal M/S. TECHNICO INDUSTRIES LTD. 4500
49 Factory Shed Greater Noida M/S. MENSFIELD CABLE CORPORATION 8400
50 Factory Shed Chandigarh M/S. OSCAR LEATHER  LTD. 3705
51 University Campus Himachal Pradesh M/S. INDUS INTERNATIONAL UNIV. CAMPUS 12900
52 Factory Shed Kangra, HP M/S. STARROX INDUSTRIES 17500
53 Factory Shed Noida M/S. DYNAMIC POWER PROJECTS PVT. LTD. 7500
54 Factory Shed Greater Noida M/S. SHEELA FOAM LTD. 6000
55 Factory Shed Gorakhpur M/S. SHANKAR TECHNOLOGIES (INDIA) PVT. LTD. 6500
56 Factory Shed Silvassa M/S. HERITAGE MARBLES (BUILDING-1) 3200
57 Factory Shed Mumbai M/S.ZEEMAG INDUSTRIES 5000
58 Factory Shed Silvassa M/S. HERITAGE MARBLES (BUILDING-2) 4500
59 Factory Shed Rajasthan M/S. RUDRAKSH LAMINATES (P) LTD. 2500
60 Factory Shed-New Silvassa M/S. HERITAGE MARBLES (BUILDING-3) 8500
61 Factory Shed Khapoli M/S. CONROS STEEL PVT LTD 10204
62 Factory Shed Kishangarh M/S. HOLYSTAR INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD, 3500
63 Factory Shed Srinagar M/S. HIMALAYAN ROLLING STEEL INDUS. LTD. 8700
64 Factory Shed Greater Noida M/S. MANSFIELD POWER & INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD. 3900
65 Factory Shed Bawal M/S,ENTRON WASTE MANAGEMENT (P) LTD. 13500
66 Factory Shed Lucknow M/S. PTC INDUSTRIES LTD. 8730
67 Factory Shed Faridabad M/S PRASHA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED 2354
68 Factory Shed Greater Noida S. I. PRECISION PVT LTD 2500
69 Factory Shed Greater Noida INKOTECH INDIA PVT LTD 4000
70 Factory Shed BAWAL M/S OMAX AUTO PVT LTD 3000
71 Factory Shed Faridabad KARAM AUTO COMPONENTS LTD 7290
72 Factory Shed Wada (Mumbai) M/s SKYLINE MILLARS LIMITED 11880
73 Factory Shed Delhi M/S CHAND INDUSTRIES 1700
74 Factory Shed Gwalior M/S BADRI VISHAL AGRO PVT LTD 3350
75 Factory Shed Anand M/S GMM PFUDLER LTD 2500
76 Factory Shed Bhadurgarh M/S MASYC PROJECTS PVT LTD 2500
77 Factory Shed Greater Noida M/S ONS INFOTECH PVT LTD 3800
78 Factory Shed Greater Noida M/S SHANTI PROJECTS LTD 8000
79 Factory Shed Mohali M/S KJP & ASSOCIATES 20000
80 Factory Shed Nimrana ARORA CONSTRUCTION 15700
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