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Message from The Desk of Chairman

reason for the fast growth of the pre engineered building (PEB in India) is the fact that PEB manufacturers have created buildings and provided comprehensive solution to the users. In today’s scenario, steel has been used widely for all kinds of building applications extensively. There are plenty of opportunities for PEB manufacturers to offer their product for wide range of applications including shopping malls and other service areas.

The construction industry and its clients are increasingly aware of modern off-productivity as well as Quality. These buildings incorporate massive use of new techniques and new materials thus allowing off-site manufactured building elements as well as “high tech cladding materials. This opens up new design routes in search for more sensitive and responsive architectural forms.

Due to its versatile feature and flexibility in designers PEB products have become preferred building solutions for structural building manufacturers. Industrial growth today is an evidence for phenomenal development in this areas and prefab building manufacturers in India have enough space to grow in the market. SML is striving to exceed customers’ expectations in this new concept. Valuable suggestions from our clients are welcome.

M. S. Saxena 

Message from The Director (Production & Quality Control)

As Corporate head For Production and Quality Control SML focus is on continual improvement in Quality and assimilation of new technologies, production processes and erection techniques.

It encompasses entire spectrum of activities related to these two functional areas We, at SML maintain a fine equilibrium between conflicting requirements of Production & Quality.

SML is ISO 9001-2000 accredited and remains fully geared to incorporated new Quality standards.

K M Saxena

Message from The Director (Marketing)

SML focus is on marketing the PEB concept with dynamism and highly innovative ideas. In a short span of time, SML has achieved unparalleled growth. We are continuously striving to achieve excellence in all our interfacing activities with our clients. Our passion for nothing but the best has been able to set up one of the most highly advanced PEB plant.

We are keen to create SML as world class brand from the list of PEB companies in India. Over the few years, we have also developed integrated process customers. Now we are enabling a high-performance engineering process where critical functional performance attributes are designed in at the early concept stages and further refined throughout the development process.

We proactively build-in the desired performance and deliver tremendous advantages in terms of faster time to market and significantly reduced risks and costs.

H L Saxena

Message from Zonal Manager

In the past five years construction industry outlook has under gone a sea change and has witnessed a boom in every sector. Users have welcomed the new technology. PEB industry is widely respected for its commitments services. A key differentiating feature of SML is customer focused marketing and offering an appropriate solution. We emphasis our design team to provide solutions.

We are focused on innovations and growing our profitability. Our aim is to become leading and dominant PEB players. Soon. We firmly believe that there are ample of opportunities for good players who believe in quality improvements. We are quite selective in our client segmentation and choose them on basis of their interest and confidence in us.

We are constantly investing in research and developments of building materials, design and technologies to expand our knowledge. Beside our brand entity the key drivers for our growth have been a proactive approach vis-à-vis customers, faster delivery, positive approach and team management.

In our constant quest to continually strive for raising the level of our service, we will keep on scaling new levels of efficiency to fully justify our customer friendly approach, centered mainly on working for best business interests. For our users’ convenience, we have established separate enquiry division to give prompt responses on queries. We wish our customers to extend their co-operation.

Anupam Tomar 

Message from GM Production

In PEB division senior management’s focus is on realization of vision of the Chairman towards customer’s delightment. It transcends all activities starting form first contact with client till signing off. The dedicated team of professionals in the field of Marketing, Procurement, Production, Erection and commissioning ensure that quality is achieved through continual improvement in respective areas.

Total Quality Management approach has been adopted by SML is committed to provide total & most competitive solutions in the field of PEB to its customers.

PEB can give customer the advantage to rethink construction and accelerate change, the use of manufacturing facilities at SML are the way forward. Our approach to off-site construction provides the customer with total flexibility of design coupled with the known benefits of PEB and together with SML’s comprehensive support services can deliver the most appropriate solution for each project Continuous efforts are required in execution to meet international quality standards.

Mr. Somraj Dhiman

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